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Ear piercings big and small!

Here are two examples of ear piercings I had the pleasure to do this week, first is a 18g forward helix with a flat backed jewelled clip in and second is a 8g Daith piercing.
Both pierced with titanium BCR’s, both fresh, both ear piercings.

Big or small, the placement, gauge and jewellery used in your piercing can be as individual as you. If you have an idea you want to talk about just stop by the shop for a chat and lets see if we can make happen :)


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I have clearly been triple helix daft this week!
I’m not complaining though, got to use 3 sets of jewellery from Neometal and the 4th is a rose gold set I offered up as a competition a few weeks back.
12 bangin’ piercings on 4 bangin’ birds :)!

This is the first ordered we’ve ever placed with Neometal and hopefully there’ll be lots more to come, we still also have two triple sets left available.

All piercings by Lola at FMT Glasgow

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